Zenbe’s latest innovation: Shareflow

Zenbe Shareflow
Focused conversations with the people that matter

Shareflow is not email. It's not instantmessaging. It's not a blog nor a social network, butit takes the best features from all of these tools andgives you the power to focus your conversations onwhat's important, with the people you choose.

Shareflow lets groups move the conversation out ofcluttered inboxes or irrecoverable chat,so they can work together more effectively. File sharingis easy no matter how large, and you can view most files -even Office files – right in Shareflow.

For on-the-go-types, you can use Shareflow from your Blackberry or iPhone.

If you like email, Facebook, or chat, you will love Shareflow.

Try it out now, it's free!

Shareflow Screenshot

More About Shareflow

Shareflow allows you and your team to createmultiple topics, or "flows", to communicate in. A flow can have asmany participants as you like. It can include an entire company, asingle department or a diverse set of people across the globe who areworking together on the same project.

Once invited, anyone can view posts, add content,share files, and comment in a flow. New activitygets pushed to the top. Some customers describe itas a "Facebook wall for my team."

It's simple to create new flows and to add andremove people from existing flows. There are nocomplex permissions schemes to wrestle with or rules toset up.

Learn more about Shareflow at getshareflow.com.

Special Offer

For a limited time, sign up for a Basic, Plus, or Premium plan and get it FREE for the first 30 days!
Use promo code FREE30

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