How Twitter told me what happened on the road when all traffic stoped on the freeway

Today I found an interesting use of Twitter, I think I had always wanted to know what happened on the road when all the cars would stop and/or go very slow, you know, those moments when you say: “mmm, I wonder what happened!! … it was probably an accident”

So as all the cars stoped for a couple of minutes, I decided to check Twitter and then I found this one tweet including a picture with a TweetPhoto link:


And then I was able to see what the traffic:


Now, the funny part was when I was passing the flipped U-Haul truck and extended my arm to take a shot without looking, ’cause the cars were moving.  So when I downloaded the pictures I actually realized it was a good shot, it reads on the back of the truck: “… Get Help … WE FOUND SAFE AFFORDABLE HELP”

Very interesting!! 🙂



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