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Making Ideas Happen

Since I have been interested lately on thinking about new ideas, It seems that I’ve magnetized posts and all related info about ideas as well as creativity, today I was reeding my feedly feed and found a book called “Ten Faces of Innovation” by the IDEO people.  That book in itself is very interesing and I may even buy it, but then after doing some more browsing on Amazon, I found this one book called “MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN“. 

Now, THAT, I found it more interesting because just yesterday I was thinking about my challenge in life about precisely this: “how do I make ideas happen”.  I consider myself a creative person, and I think a book like this may be worth the try, don’t you think?



PHOTO: A great rework of the table of contents.

PHOTO: A great rework of the table of contents.

This is interesting, at a glance I can find out what the whole book is about, it comes handy!



A great rework of the table of contents. Linchpin, by Seth Godin, briefly describes each chapter instead of just giving the page number. He turns the TOC into an opportunity to summarize the contents of the book for a new reader, not just tell them where things are.

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