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When Grandpa gets a new iPad

The funniest video I’ve found so far this year!

Daughter: So…Daddy, I haven’t even asked you, how do you get along with the new Ipad, which we gave you to your birthday?

Father: Good!

Daughter: and you can figure it out with those apps?

Father: which apps? could you move alittle?

Father: .. what?


Apple iPad: A Comprehensive Guide

Apple iPad: A Comprehensive Guide

Last updated: January 27th, 2010

After months of speculation and rumors, it’s official: The Apple iPad is real. The device, announced earlier today by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, is designed to fill the perceived gap between the smartphone and the laptop.

With literally thousands of articles and blog posts being written about Apple’s new device, it’s easy to experience information overload. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive Apple iPad guide. It is our complete, constantly updated article on the iPad and its specs, features, pricing, availability and much more.

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the Apple iPad, and then some:

Apple iPad: The Overview [by Mashable]

[img credits: GDGT, Apple, Inc.]

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