Quitting, Leaving, Retiring: Why Aren’t Ad Agencies Rewiring?

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In 500 BC, Confucius predicted the future of marketing communications when he said, “Tell me and I’ll forget/Show me and I’ll remember/Involve me and I’ll understand.”

1. Give social tools to everyone
“Digital” is not a discipline. It is now the undercurrent for everything we do, and everyone at an agency should have the tools to understand social so that they can change their behavior.

2. Create new processes and test them
This is new to everyone. We cannot be afraid to think big or fail big. There will be mistakes made along the way, but within each will be a new learning for us to share and grow from.

3. Get rid of the egos on teams
Ideas come from anywhere, and people need to get comfortable with that concept. A line from “Mad Men” clarified, “we are artisans, not artists.” We create work for clients. We are not building portfolios, we are driving business for the brands we represent.

4. Give people time to learn
Change doesn’t happen overnight. Affording people adequate time to learn, grow and embrace new ways of doing things is important. But be ruthless with those who are not willing to embrace change.

5. Invest in helping top talent rewire their brainsDigital coaching and training programs are available to help agencies become better connected and integrated. Invest in the education process. The earlier people are involved, the more enthusiastic they become.

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