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Do not internalize the industrial model

Do not internalize the undustrial model.  You are not one of the myriad of interchangable pieces, but a unique human being, and if you’ve got something to say, say it, and think well of yourself while you’re learning to say it better.  ~ David Mamet

As I am starting to read LINCHPIN by Seth Godin I could not help but write what I found on page 6


PHOTO: A great rework of the table of contents.

PHOTO: A great rework of the table of contents.

This is interesting, at a glance I can find out what the whole book is about, it comes handy!



A great rework of the table of contents. Linchpin, by Seth Godin, briefly describes each chapter instead of just giving the page number. He turns the TOC into an opportunity to summarize the contents of the book for a new reader, not just tell them where things are.

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Here is what stands for me in this video by Seth Godin as he talks at TED:

– Ideas that spread, win – [1:33]
– There are *way* more choices and *way* less time  – [5:40]
– The thing that’s gonna decide what gets talked about is: “Is it remarkable?” – [6:27]
– Mass marketing is: “avarege products for avarege people” – [9:34]
– Sell to people who are listening – [11:56]
– What you have to do is figure out what people really want and give it to them – [13:50]
– What you need to do is figure out who does care! – [16:10]