Connected, but alone? – TED talk by: SherryTurkle

[UPDATE: I wrote more in detail about this]

Every time I go to places like restaurants, airports, etc. I see more and more this: people are pshically together but mentally somewhere else.

I am collecting pictures I’ve been taking with my iPhone.  I do love technology (still), but this fenomena that I see more and more where people is together but not together is more and more in my mind and makes me wonder if we are gradually loosing the connection of heart to heart when we can have the opportunity to be at the same place, at the same time.

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Holstee Manifesto Poster, a good example of an idea product .. and a good @Shopify store!


Let’s face it, we are all sellers in a way or should I say in multiple ways.  We sell when we recommend those things that we love, I know that when we buy something we buy it because we are conviced that it is a good thing, therefore it is easy to talk about it with the people around us.  I think that the best way of selling is when you are not even thinking about selling.  I remember having different encouters with sales people and how I could feel some sort of unrest as they were trying to convince me, and that is becasue some sales people earn a living like that, yet I don’t like it when someone recommends me something that I am to buy because that other person will get a benefit.  What I like is when someone is passionate about something and in describing his/her passion, I am encourage to buy, that I like!

I was reading a post by Mark Hayes tittled “Learn From Some of Shopify’s Top Stores” and as I was browsing through the different Shopify stores that he talks about there and the creative things that they do, I found the Holstee Manifesto Poster which I really like and got inspired to share it here.  It made me thing that you actually don’t need a manofactured product in order to sell something, all you need is good ideas and passion.




1000 projects in your pocket. Basecamp is now on your mobile phone.

I use, recommend and love Basecamp, and now, it is available for mobile devices, how cool is that!  I also need to mention that I liked the fact that in the process of creating Basecamp http://37signals.com/ deeloped the open source web development frameork http://rubyonrails.org/ and wrote the book http://gettingreal.37signals.com/ wich I liked reading as well as http://37signals.com/rework

No apps required. Simply visit basecamphq.com
on your phone’s browser, and you’re good to go!